From the Principal

February 2018
Nau Mai, Haere Mai. Kiaora koutou.
WELCOME BACK To Term 1 of a new year EVERYONE!

Please check out our classroom pages, the gallery and newsletter page for more up to date information about what we’ve been up to and are planning.

The renewal project – phase 1 is progressing well and on track to be completed this term. More updates are below.

Renewal Project.

We’re pretty much finished with the building and refurbishment phases of our school renewal project. The entire school and school house have also been repainted in our new colour scheme over summer.

Next project is to develop our environment for playing and learning and to make the most of our outside space.

Our story:

On Monday 16th January 2017 the new building work will be started. Please see the project blog following down the page a smidge.

The design has a new double classroom block built where our caretaker shed and old dental clinic is at present. Between this new building and the admiistration area a new information centre will be built. This will house our library, some resource space and have a deck that sweeps out toward the grass. A cherry tree will be in the centre of this deck.

The next phase of the plan is the enlargement and rebuild of the administration block and the final phase will be the refurbishment of the existing classrooms.

Ka kite ano,

Christian Couper.


Renewal Project Blog.

This blog will be a series of updates about what’s happening during our renewal project.

Phase one will start Jan 16th with City Care contractors setting up their worksite. The main gateway into school will be locked and will become their dedicated access. They will have safety fencing around their worksite perimeter and there will be a couple of site office units set up near the school administration.

Please respect their worksite and safety mesures by using the side gate for entry. There will be access retained for the pool users and along part of the grass field toward the court.

Any questions please contact the school office or Christian directly.


Phase 1. This is the new build part of our project. A new double sized learning hub (classroom) will be built. The design is on the office windows. It will be connected to the main building with a new library space and deck. The Classroom is open plan with spaces for different teaching and learning approaches. What is currently known as innovative learning environments. Basically a flexible space with a range of features to support teaching and learning that is not always whole class, at a desk and teacher at the front of the room. eg: there’s a kitchen type space, a tiered seating space, smaller spaces for groups, pairs or individuals. the main space opens toward the new deck which connects to the administration building and features our remaining cherry tree with stepped seating around the base.

The new library is designed to present books as well as provide some space for children to enjoy the books or be another space for learning in small groups. Some storage from our current admin area will be moved into the back of this new library and there’s also a new quiet room for learning support use and maybe even some multimedia recordings.

This part of our project is scheduled for terms 1&2.

14 Feb -The new build is having foundations prepared with a concrete pour expected next week. We had a lot more action and man power on site this past week after all foundation holes were completed.

28 Feb

Tuesday 28th was a milestone in our new build, with the foundation being poured. 8 trucks of concrete were delivered using a special pipe. The work went according to plan with the recent dry spell helping the contractors get this important ground work completed neatly.

The next phase is floor and framing.

21 Mar

So far so good! work is progressing on schedule and most of the framing is up. Next week the steel framing for the large doors and windows will be fitted.

12 May

The new build has a roof, cladding and windows. Progress is steaming along with a viewing day for our parents scheduled for Saturday 20th May form 10am. Please check the newsletter 12th May for more details.

7 June

Our new build is progressing nicely. During the past week, including days over the long weekend, contractors worked on the interior linings, with gib stopping begun. More painting as the weather allows and the foundations for the decking and entrance ramp are being formed. Glass is all in and some joinery is due to arrive next week.

The upgrade to the drainage pit is being completed while we’re all at the cross country on Friday and finished off over the weekend.

Work is on track for our junior classes to begin their at the end of term, ready for term 3 trialling the new learning space out.

The administration will also move, shifting into the new library area for the remainder of the year, while the alterations are done on the office area and veranda classrooms.


23rd June Project update.

The final push is happening! Interior wall linings are done, most joinery is in, hard floor areas are done and carpet tiles are going down next. Heat pumps are in, and appliances are nearly here.

Some new furniture for the learning space has arrived and more is on the way.

Final projects are pathway surfaces, the decking, steps and ramp and matting for around the tree.

Next term the admin area will re-locate into the new library space until the veranda block renovations are completed. We’ve started moving already!

An invitation to the opening/blessing has been sent to all school families and others in our community. Please RSVP so we can get a handle on numbers.

Rebuild Update: June 30th 2017

This week has seen a lot of finishing work so the new building can be signed off before the end of term and we can start transferring our resources from Admin and the current junior classrooms to the new spaces ready for Term 3!

Mark, our site manager is leaving the project at the end of term, moving to a new job with City Care in Timaru. Mark has been a great fella to work with. I’d like to thank him for going the extra mile for us, coming in on the weekend to show us around, being understanding about what we need as a school with a worksite next door and keeping our project on track.

Build update: Ceiling panels are nearly done; Painting nearly done; Deck done; Handrails and steps done; Asphalt done this week; Guttering and downpipes nearly done; Back wall nearly finished; Interior carpet tiles done; Appliances installed

August 11th 2017

For those of you who are into school regularly, you’ll notice a lot more internal framing has gone into the admin area and veranda classrooms. Work continues there to get ready for internal wiring and walls.

Outside wall covering has started to go on with a new roof being started for the enlarged staffroom.

Under the cherry the bark will be contained with a new rubber matting called Play Matta coming soon.

Matting for the deck has arrived and will run right around to provide better traction and a matt before people step into the new spaces now called Ngahere and

Te Ao.

Sept 7th 2017

  • The second stage of our renewal project is on schedule with insulation in and 8 tonnes of wall linings being delivered this week.
  • Our fire system is being upgraded, new call points and sounders are being installed and our old combined fire/security system is being separated.
  • Some areas of our veranda block are also getting a bit of TLC to improve weather tightness.Preparation for stage 3 is underway. This is the refurbishment of the veranda toilets, Matai, Totara and Kahikatea classrooms. The hope is that these can be refurbished over the summer break.

October 20th 2017

Many of you will have noticed the City Care buildings have been removed and work has started to repair the grounds. The second phase of our renewal project along the veranda spaces and administration is nearing completion. By the start of November things should be all done!

Our move back into the refurbished spaces will be made during the summer, to start the 2018 year in new places.

Refurbishment plans are prepared for the remaining cebus rooms, veranda toilets and resources rooms. This third phase will be undertaken by another contractor over the summer break. At a similar time the school will undergo a repaint and colour scheme change to that of the new buildings.

Then the board would like to work on the landscape.

November 23rd 2017

We have code of compliance for our project! Meaning the refurbished spaces along the veranda are starting to be used. We’ve been without adequate space for a while, so we’re enjoying the chance to spread out.

The next phase is set to begin as soon as the school closes. During the summer there will be plenty of work going on setting up new spaces with some new appliances and furniture.

Something I’m looking forward to is the opening of our new library Te Ao.

Anna has been working with our team to develop the idea of a library with a comfortable feel, a place where kids can relax into a story and change the pace of their day.