Teacher Vacancies

Fixed Term / Part Time – Scale A Teacher

Commencing term 1, 2020

Year 2-3 – Ti Kouka Class within the Ngahere Collaborative Classroom

Time Frame

Advertised via Education Gazette Online

Applications received up until Saturday 21st December 2019. 4pm.

Most preferred candidate interview meeting held ASAP.

Successful applicant presented with contract letter by January 30th 2020..

Position Starts 3rd February 2020 – ends 16th December 2020.

Due to a very recent roll increase, we’re fortunate to be able to offer a fixed term, part time teaching position in our junior school for the 2020 year.

Little River School is a small rural school at the heart of an active and involved community in a stunning rural setting. Our school benefits from having skilled staff and a strong focus on developing children’s key competencies.

We have a fixed term position for 4 terms available for an outstanding junior school teacher in our year 2-3 classroom called Ti Kouka  and working collaboratively within a Yr 0-3 learning space known as Ngahere.

We want a New Zealand trained teacher with recent successful experience in the junior primary school levels.

We’re interested in a teacher who is familiar and able to work successfully in a collaborative way, and is using innovative ideas to engage all learners and create opportunities for them to shine in their strengths and develop their abilities.

We have great kids and a supportive team for you next year. If you have what it takes to make a difference for our youngest learners, then please send your completed application form, CV and evidence of registration via email to:

The Principal, Little River School, Western Valley Road, Banks Peninsula, 7591. email principal@littleriver.school.nz.

Person Specification.

Ti Kouka – Fixed Term / Part Time – Scale A  Teacher

Commencing term 1, 2020

Ending 16th December 2020

Specific Teaching Strengths in:

  • Literacy – specific to the needs of junior pupils
  • Numeracy– specific to the needs of junior pupils
  • Ability to work with other teachers and support staff in a collaborative learning space
  • Able to differentiate the curriculum to offer an inclusive programme for all children

We’re planning for this position to be worked Monday – Thursday, four days each week.

(.8 teaching position with pro rata CRT time each term)

We’re looking for someone who naturally fits with our 5 Strategic Aims.

Someone who has: High Expectations, yet knows how to get their pupils and themselves to a goal with some fun. A person who is Future Focussed, can prepare quality learning programmes that grow self managing learners. A Teacher who nurtures Positive Personalities by basing their actions on respect. A Coach who can create Opportunities for all pupils to Shine. A Communicator who Connects within our school and with our wider Community.

Major qualities should be:

  • an enthusiasm for teaching
  • high professional and personal standards
  • an openness to listening to the child’s voice
  • a willingness to accept changes to create better practice
  • an ability to communicate well with parents and the community
  • a warmth towards children and acceptance of difference
  • a willingness to embrace Restorative Practice as the method of behaviour support
  • an ability to work in a co-operative and communicative manner with other staff members
  • a preparedness to keep up-to-date with educational developments
  • a willingness to participate in a teacher appraisal system
  • a flexible approach
  • a sense of humour

Application Form.


  1. Position applied for: 

Fixed Term/ Part Time   

Scale A Teacher –Year 2-3 Ti Kouka

  1. Personal Details:



Contact telephone number

Gender Male/Female (for EEO purposes only)

Ethnic Identification Maori / NZ European / Other (for EEO purposes only)

  1. Identity and Registration

* Please attach a copy of your driver’s licence or current passport   page to provide legal evidence of yourself.

* Attach evidence of current teacher registration (Education Council registration number or scan of your card)

  1. Previous teaching experience



Classes taught and dates

  1. Non-paid experience
  2. Suitability for position

Please refer to job advertisement and person specification.

  1. Referees

Provide the names and contact numbers of at least three referees.  Please sign the attached authority giving Little River School the authority to contact these referees (Privacy Act 1993 requirements).

  1. Conviction against the law

Please complete the attached form to indicate if you have or haven’t been convicted of  any offences against the law other than minor traffic offences. If YES, give details.

  1. Confirmation

Please sign your application form to verify that the information is correct and that you understand it may be verified.

  1. Please – No posted applications

Email all applications: principal@littleriver.school.nz.

Subject line = job application. – Ti Kouka 2020

  1. Your application will be receipted by email as first preference.
  1. No application will be received after the closing date.

School Description

Little River School is a full primary school with a roll of 100 pupils. The school is a well resourced country school. Further details are located on our website www.littleriver.school.nz

Vision:  “Stand Tall”

Little River School will provide quality learning experiences to enable each child to reach their potential.

Offences Against the Law

Have you ever been convicted of an offence against the law apart from minor traffic offences or otherwise know of any reason why you should not be employed in the school environment?                        YES/NO

If yes, please supply relevant details:


Do you have any known health conditions that would affect your ability to do the job? YES/NO.

If YES please supply relevant details.


I grant authority to Little River School or its agents under the provisions of the Privacy Act (1993) to contact any present or past employers and/or professional colleagues in addition to the named referees.

I agree to Little River School or its agents under the provisions of the Privacy Act (1993) obtaining any information held on me by the Teacher Registration Board.

All information supplied with this application is true and correct and can be verified.

Applicant’s Signature: _________________________________
Date: _________________________

C.Couper. Principal

December  2019.

Relief Staff.

Kiaora koutou,

We’re always keen to add to our pool of relievers, please forward your contact details and a resume of your recent teaching to ccouper@littleriver.school.nz

or call 03 3251-004.

Thanks Christian Couper