Kahikatea – Yr 6-8

Yr 6-8 Teacher

Teacher – Ruth Pannett

Kahikatea & Tōtara (Yr 6-8) – The Year 6,7,8 collaborative class of ‘Rimu’

As our “When Art and Technology collides”, unit comes to an end, we are reflecting on our learning about pixels and the key (metaphorical) life learning of breaking large problems into small manageable sizes. Our art afternoons continue to be centred around portraits; moving from Andy Warhol as our artist model for inspiration … to Chuck Close (right)…. to the more abstract, Kimmy Cantrell. Enjoy our creations in the office!

Tōtara has been focusing on sound, colour and light in a science unit. We have been looking at how we hear and see and doing some experiments to help us to understand this; using prisms to split white light into the rainbow colours, using flat, concave and convex mirrors, moving focal points, bending objects in water, looking at shadows, “seeing” vibrations using tuning forks, drums and rice.

In considering the wide spectrum of our mathematical confidence across all of Rimu, our ‘extension’ mathematicians are taking part in a national monthly Problem Challenge (run by the University of Otago)….. and it’s been all about action games (Beep/Buzz, Maths Tag, Obstacle, The Nasty Game, etc), and card games (Target, Pyramid, Close Call, 21) to sneak the basic facts and times tables learning in amongst the fun and action for our less confident mathematicians.

Kahikatea artwork inspired by American artist Kimmy Cantrell.

Totara_Kahikatea Yr6-8 Stationery List 2020

As in previous years, stationery will be available to purchase through Paper Tree at Tower Junction or alternatively you can purchase this elsewhere. . The Paper Tree stationery will come already packaged but you can take things out of it if you wish, you can also get it couriered for a small cost. Please see above link.