Kahikatea – Yr 6-8

Yr 6-8 Teacher

Teacher – Ruth Pannett

Kahikatea & Tōtara (Yr 6-8) – The Year 6,7,8 collaborative class of ‘Rimu


We are right into rehearsals for “Little Rivers Got Talent”, and talent is certainly abundant in our class!

Groups are working on script-writing, the technical aspects of running a show, costumes and the acts themselves. In Digital Technology “We have been using a website called Scratch to help us build our understanding and skills of coding, while making fun projects and games for the whole class to enjoy.”  Chloe L.

“Scratch is an online learning website that teaches you how to code. You can make games and other things like stories and tutorials. You can add cool effects and record yourself. You should go and try it!!” Indiah R and Nevaeh.

Yr 8 Football team – Just this Wednesday the YR. 8’s drove to Brookside Park in Rolleston for the Lincoln Zone Football Tournament. The A team had 8 games and the B team had 5. It was super, super cold and very, very windy, so everyone was piling on layers. The B team had 2 cracking goals from both the Chloes but sadly were up against very good teams and lost. The A team lost most of their games except the very last one, where Nate scored two amazing goals against Springston. We all had a great time and learnt much more about teamwork and Football. Shout out to Chris Hoult who helped coach the A team and Ben Manson who helped coach the B Team and all the parents who took us to the event and supported us on the sideline.         By Izzy. 

Kahikatea artwork inspired by American artist Kimmy Cantrell.

Totara_Kahikatea Yr6-8 Stationery List 2020

As in previous years, stationery will be available to purchase through Paper Tree at Tower Junction or alternatively you can purchase this elsewhere. . The Paper Tree stationery will come already packaged but you can take things out of it if you wish, you can also get it couriered for a small cost. Please see above link.