Kānuka – Yr 1


Andi Cochrane - TEACHERS - Ti Kouka
Andi Cochrane
Tracey Wright


Kānuka (Yr 1) We have had a busy term so far.  We have been sharing our pre-school books and photos in our ‘look at me now!’ topic.  We have discovered that we have all changed quite a bit in 5 years!  We have learned that we are able to do so many new things that were not possible when we were little.

We have sadly had to say goodbye to two of our classmates, Alexis and Azaliah. We will miss them very much and wish them all the best at their new schools.

We have been doing descriptive writing and this week have written winter acrostic poems. Here are a couple…. Trace & Andi:

Windy                                                       Wind is cold

Icy frost                                                    Icy cold

Nippy wind                                                Nippy cold

Toboggan rides                                          Toboggan ride

Evergreen trees                                          Evergreen trees

Radiator heater to keep us warm.          Rain is wet. 

By Stella & Erin                                         By Micah