Kānuka – Yr 1


Andi Cochrane & Tracey Wright

Kanuka Yr 1 Stationery list 2020

As in previous years, stationery will be available to purchase through Paper Tree at Tower Junction or alternatively you can purchase this elsewhere. . The Paper Tree stationery will come already packaged but you can take things out of it if you wish, you can also get it couriered for a small cost. Please see above link.

Kānuka – We have welcomed two new students to Kānuka, Hugo (yr 1) and Gina (NE). They are both fitting in well. We also have a couple of 5 year olds starting mid term and some beginning their visits later in the term.

This term we will be looking at ways to look after our environment to make sure it is a beautiful environment, which people want to visit. As an inquiry we will collect some ideas and see where we go from there. I suspect that we will be looking at ideas such as rubbish and nature.

Our reading and writing programmes will continue as normal making links to events, which are happening this term. We will be doing some science experiments in our writing time on Thursdays as a context for writing…Sarah McClelland

Link to:  Kanuka Stationery 2019