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Tara Sutherland - TEACHER - Matai
Tara Sutherland


  • Matai Class Trip, Akaroa Dolphins – Matai Class



On Wednesday the 7th of November, we embarked on our extraordinary end-of-year trip to Akaroa.  We boarded the Black Cat cruise boat and set off under magnificent sunny skies! All of our hard work this year studying wildlife was rewarded when we saw the flabbergastingly beautiful Hector’s Dolphins! Jim & Fiona

It was remarkably epic to see the first calf (baby dolphin) of the season swimming with its Mum and a pod of 20 Hector’s Dolphins!Finn

It was an unspeakably epic, life-changing experience. Charlie

After we finally left the pod behind, we drifted through the Akaroa Marine reserve…it was wonderful to see a protected piece of our harbour, but before we knew it, the little reserve was behind us. Mikayla and Fiona

While we were looking for Orcas we sped past a boulder -we thought at first it was a dorsal fin- and spotted three Little Blue Penguins on it! -Mack

We also saw a dead sheep floating out deep with a Giant Southern Petrel standing on it and munching its flesh.  Lachie

Our hearts sank with disappointment when we saw that we were heading back to the dock already. -Charlie

When we got back to class we did research on marine reserves around Banks Peninsula.  We were heartbroken to see how tiny our local marine reserves are. -Mikayla

 Since the marine reserves are so small, we weren’t surprised to read that five Hector’s dolphins died in fishing nets this year! -Finn    

Seeing the calf inspired us to write to Eugenie Sage, the Minister of Conservation, and Stuart Nash, the Minister of Fisheries, telling them about our amazing experience and asking them to help make the Banks Peninsula Marine Reserves bigger.  Then Jack said ‘why don’t we write to Jacinda Ardern?!’ So we also sent a set of letters to the Prime Minister! We were very worried about making a spelling mistake! -Jack & Mikayla

We didn’t stop there, and were also interviewed by the Akaroa Mail.  Keep an eye out for us in the next edition! – Matai

— Tara Sutherland

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