Matai – Yrs 4/5


Tara Sutherland - TEACHER - Matai
Tara Sutherland

Matai Yr 4-5 Stationery List 2020

As in previous years, stationery will be available to purchase through Paper Tree at Tower Junction or alternatively you can purchase this elsewhere. . The Paper Tree stationery will come already packaged but you can take things out of it if you wish, you can also get it couriered for a small cost. Please see above link.

We are working hard to finish and present our Willowbank Wonder projects in preparation for our end of year trip to…Willowbank! After exploring many wildlife trip options, we decided on Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, as it offers us the opportunity to meet and interact with many of the creatures we’ve been studying all year.

Our Term 4 Identity focus is ‘Clean, Green NZ’ and we will be exploring our international image and studying New Zealand’s main industries such as: fishing, farming, and eco tourism and the controversy surrounding them in relation to our international image.  What is precious and unique to us? What are we doing well to protect this and what are we not doing so well? In addition to our research projects and presentations, we will be bringing back debates this term as well!  Matai students have become very skilled at fact finding, collaborating and arguing to express their view on a subject. We will hone those skills again as we debate different views surrounding our ‘Clean, Green NZ’ reputation.

We didn’t get a chance yet to share, but at the end of Term 3 we held our much anticipated Live Human Chess Tournament! Nathan led the Black team against Mack with the Red team, and they duelled it out with ‘live’ chess pieces all dressed up and ready to play their part. A big thanks to Tī Kōuka kids who stepped up to be pawns, and to Kahikatea seniors – Tom, Harry, Nate and Joe, who were our ‘removers’ and did a great job of dramatically carrying off the vanquished pieces. We had a packed audience who seemed to really enjoy the fast-paced action!…Tara Sutherland

Picture of our Black Chess team led by  Nathan.

Shop World in Matai

In Matai we have started a ‘Shop World’ that operates every Friday.   This began as a way to learn about money, but has since evolved into it’s own village complete with a Super Market, a Salon, a Bank, a Real Estate Office, and even a Court of Law, with a Police Department- which employs secret agents and lawyers to deal with criminal activity!


We had a special visitor today- a Hedgehog!

The children got to meet the prickly patient and even give her a little pat.  Mrs Sutherland is rehabilitating her after suffering from a head injury.

The kids had lots of questions about hedgehogs and learned that they love to eat cat food and banana, and that their quills are only prickly if the hedgehog is scared.

In sport, all the year 5s are getting ready for their first Huxster mountain bike relay. It’s sure to be a great day! …Tara Sutherland


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