Matai – Yrs 4/5


Tara Sutherland - TEACHER - Matai
Tara Sutherland

In Matai we are studying Enviro Heroes as part of our Identity theme! We are focusing on people who use their passion and special ‘powers’ to save the world! To inspire us, we had local Fishery Officers Hayden and Tom come in for a class visit. We learned that Fishery Officers have very exciting jobs! Tom and Hayden get to travel to the sub Antarctic islands and Chatham Islands! They get to board fishing vessels, follow poachers and even arrest them! They go to sea for months as observers on fishing boats to make sure they don’t catch endangered creatures. Hayden and Tom told us that you have to be brave, be a good communicator, and not get angry if you want to be a fishery officer. Lots of us decided we want to be Fishery Officers when we grow up! Now we are busy studying other heroes and heroines like Jane Goodall, Paul Watson, Greta Thunberg, Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls!

In maths we are learning how to find averages of numbers using our basic facts skills. We decided to clean out our water snail tank and do a count of all our Ramshorn Red snails, which are reproducing like crazy! In groups of 8 we counted all the snails, then added up our total: 329 Ramshorns altogether!! Then we divided that by the number of groups that were counting to find the average number of snails that each group counted: 41!

In sport, all the year 5s are getting ready for their first Huxster mountain bike relay. It’s sure to be a great day! …Tara Sutherland






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