Matai – Yrs 4/5


Tara Sutherland - TEACHER - Matai
Tara Sutherland

We have been creating and presenting some impressive ‘South Island Star’ research projects, as part of our Identity focus this term. From ancient Maori warriors to rugby stars, and from beloved family members to celebrities, we have been learning and sharing about some of the legendary people who have helped shape the South Island. The students have also been creating gorgeous abstract artworks with Ms Nicholas! (Right – Jim’s picture). Inspired by the winter landscape around us, the kids painted trees using sunset/sunrise colours and then wrote poems about winter. Other than that we are busy with testing. At least the nicer weather lets us spend more time outside playing basketball and running games, which the kids help organise and referee themselves. We have also voted on our most popular suggestions for our end of year class trip! As expected, our trip will be somewhere animal-related which will nicely reward a year of hard work and scientific research into our native birds and animals…Tara Sutherland.

Shop World in Matai

In Matai we have started a ‘Shop World’ that operates every Friday.   This began as a way to learn about money, but has since evolved into it’s own village complete with a Super Market, a Salon, a Bank, a Real Estate Office, and even a Court of Law, with a Police Department- which employs secret agents and lawyers to deal with criminal activity!


We had a special visitor today- a Hedgehog!

The children got to meet the prickly patient and even give her a little pat.  Mrs Sutherland is rehabilitating her after suffering from a head injury.

The kids had lots of questions about hedgehogs and learned that they love to eat cat food and banana, and that their quills are only prickly if the hedgehog is scared.

In sport, all the year 5s are getting ready for their first Huxster mountain bike relay. It’s sure to be a great day! …Tara Sutherland


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