Matai – Yrs 4/5


Tara Sutherland - TEACHER - Matai
Tara Sutherland

We have also welcomed two new students, brothers Riyadh and Ibrahim. They have made a fantastic start and have fitted in remarkably well with our busy, energetic class! Matai kids have made me proud by being so inclusive and friendly. We also celebrated our ‘Best Class Trip Ever’ competition win, which resulted in our 200 word entry and trip photos from our Dolphin cruise last year being published in the Education Beyond the Classroom mini magazine and winning $250 towards our next class trip! The students are putting proposals together for a new experience and the most appropriate and popular idea will win. The excitement doesn’t stop there, with 22 Mexican Dung Beetles being donated to Creature Club and Matai, from Dung Beetle Innovations NZ. Simon Fowler, our local Entomologist gave a talk to Creature Club and Matai on these Beetles and their amazing ability to assist organic farmers with improving animal, pasture and fresh waterway health. We have paired the dung beetles off into breeding pairs, set up a habitat for them and hope to have success breeding them! We’ve also had Charlie’s dad, Hamish come in to do Mindfulness with us (you could have heard a pin drop while he was telling us to breathe… quite the feat in Matai). Blake’s mum, Emma came in to help us with our Mihis (she’s really good!) and even Thomas, who comes to us from Ti Kouka for Maths, brought his dad Chris in, dressed up in his full firefighter gear to talk to us about being a volunteer firefighter! Very inspiring. Other than that, we are busy training harder than ever for our BP schools’ cross country. You can find us out on the domain every morning doing laps and relays….Tara Sutherland

In sport, all the year 5s are getting ready for their first Huxster mountain bike relay. It’s sure to be a great day! …Tara Sutherland


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