Tī Kouka – Yrs 2/3


— Andi Cochrane & Maria Couper



  • Athletics –  Andi Cochrane and John Fitch


The Banks Peninsula Junior Athletics once again was a great showcase/celebration of the student’s skills and an opportunity to have an active fun day out! It is also a chance for the children to enjoy participating with students from the other Peninsula schools, and to show their whanau and friends the new skills they have acquired. The wide variety of activities enable students to develop their Key Competences and also challenge themselves to reach their personal best. The Junior Athletic Sports also exemplifies our motto Stand Tall-Tu Toa, our Values and the Strategic Aims set out in our school charter.

The six stations aim to develop/reinforce fundamental athletic skills, scaffolding these appropriate to each age group.

The stations are; High Jump, Standing Long Jump/Broad Jump, Quoits, Shotput/Throw Activities, Novelty Races and Hurdles/Running Races.

This year the Year 3 students could choose whether they participated in the Junior Sports or in the Senior Athletic Sports under the new schedule John has implemented. This seemed to work very well. We have also discussed exploring vertical groupings perhaps?…food for thought for next year. We will discuss this with the other BP schools through our evaluation process.

With the change from age group to Year groupings in the Senior athletics, it was necessary to include an extra activity. It was decided that ‘Traditional Games’ would fill this timetable spot and seemed to be well picked up by the children, allowing a bit of a more light-hearted activity in the schedule.

Unfortunately, the postponement of the LZ Athletics from the previous Friday caused a clash with our BP Athletics day. Our competitors were given the choice of which event they would attend.

Link to: Ti Kouka stationery 2019