Tī Kouka – Yrs 2/3


 Andi Cochrane & Tracey Wright

Amy “During topic maths we have been learning about the statistical enquiry cycle.“

Ivy “First we have learned to pose a question.”

Nova “Our question to the whole school was – What was your favourite part of the triathlon or duathlon?”

Ella “Secondly we made a plan.”

Lexi “We sent groups of people to each class in the school to ask the question.”

Jax “Next we needed to collect the data.”

Cooper “We used tally marks to count how many people chose each thing.”

Heidi “Finally we had to analyse the information we had gathered.”

Connor “We did this by adding up the tally marks and getting a total, to then be able to make our conclusions.”

Caelyn “In our conclusion we made a statement about the question we asked. We have learned to use the words most and least when writing our statement.”

…Andi Cochrane, Tracey Wright.



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