Tī Kouka – Yrs 2/3


 Andi Cochrane & Tracey Wright

We have been producing our personal Coat Of Arms as part of our Identity focus. Students have loved exploring their family history, genealogies/whakapapa. We have integrated this into our writing and Visual Language. Each student has written a paragraph explaining what they have used in their crest and why. We have focussed on utilising position prepositions to enhance our explanation. The photo shows some of the first to be completed. These boys were so motivated. We are fortunate to have a group of highly motivated writers in Tī Kōuka …especially our Year 3 boys!

During Numeracy our focus is Multiplication/Division. We are primarily looking at four strategies to solve these calculations. Our focus is to also solve these in real life, authentic problem solving situations. Rather than approaching times tables through rote learning, we look for patterns and use known facts to solve these.

Our Health focus this term is Friendship and building great relationships with our classmates. We have used the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ to promote an emotionally healthy environment in the classroom setting and by identifying friendly and unfriendly behaviours. We have been role playing what a good friend looks like and spying our classmates practising these skills and reporting back to the class…Andi Cochrane & Tracey Wright.

Luke loves playing the ukulele.

Jax loves playing the ukulele too.

We were learning how to tell the time.

Heidi at the BP cross country on Monday

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