Tōtara – Yrs 6-8


Di Cameron & Anna Lopas

Totara & kahikatea stationery 2021

As in previous years, stationery will be available to purchase through Paper Tree at Tower Junction or alternatively you can purchase this elsewhere. . The Paper Tree stationery will come already packaged but you can take things out of it if you wish, you can also get it couriered for a small cost. Please see above link.

Kahikatea & Tōtara (Yr 6-8) – The Year 6,7,8 collaborative class of ‘Rimu’

We continued our Arthur’s Pass learnings with an inquiry into ecology, meteorology, geography and human history. Key to the inquiry process is the sharing of the learning; creating, in this case, ‘action’ through learning and the sharing of information. Along with the usual poster presentations and slide shows, it was awesome to see a couple of rap songs written and performed (one of which was played at the BOT meeting!) and a model of the 3 main actions of tectonic plates… again on display at the meeting. We had presentations with quizzes to follow up, created by the children and a children’s book written “Riley the South Island Robin”. Wonderful creativity.

We were privileged to have local photographer/artist, Steve Attwood join us for a fascinating afternoon looking at his bird photography and hearing the wealth of knowledge he has about both the birds and the photography. Using some of his photographs, we have developed our colour mixing and matching skills, brush strokes to layering to enhance the picture; only primary colours, black (shade) and white (tint) allowed…Anna Lopas

Matariki Day

Thank you, to all the parent help and whanau for our Matariki Day celebrations on the final day of last term. The students had a fantastic day enjoying the activities, kai and waiata.

Artwork inspired by American artist Kimmy Cantrell.

Totara class have been working on fractal triangles.

Each triangle is a fraction of the other triangles.

Totara_Kahikatea Yr6-8 Stationery List 2020


The RE:ACTIVATE project has focused on aspiring artists from year 1-8 and year 9-13. Two designs from each will be produced by SCAPE to feature in the six week exhibition from October through November.

This year pupils of Little River School submitted their designs for sculptural art along the theme of Tūrangawaewae. This theme closely aligned with our annual concept of Identity and one that our pupils worked with their teachers and Josie Whelan to develop into unique designs for public artworks.

It is with great pride that we can officially celebrate Alex as one of the artists to have their design constructed and featured in the central city of Christchurch.

Alex has kept this exciting news secret for a month. If you know her well, you would have seen a grin and bounce in her step since she learned her design had one!

Alex’s design is made up of coloured transparent windows, each piece representing people of different shapes, sizes, colours, religions, and beliefs.

The sculpture is intended to show how everyone comes together as one, to strengthen and support each other.

Alex thinks that our Tūrangawaewae is being together.



Totara are making Diaramas to depict an aspect of France.

Parisienne café life, by Kei and Zara.

Tour de France, by Louisa, Alex, Harry J and Gordon.

Paris night Skyline, by Belle, Chloe L and Malcom.

A typical street in Paris, by Chloe M, Wendy, Hamuera and Nate.

Rueben, Lizzie and Alex presented a fabulous dish made from our veggie garden.

Today Totora students were making Gingerbread Men.

“The Hare & the Tortoise was the inspiration for a delicious day!”

By Keiana.