February 2017.


Each year our graduating Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to present a farewell speech at our end of year assembly. Last December, our nineteen Year 8 pupils presented their own personal reflections on their time at Little River School. We enjoyed many creative presentations put together to share some of their highlights, visually, through speech and with song. We will miss their leadership and good humour. They leave behind a great model of citizenship and we send them off to their new schools Standing Tall.
 I hope you enjoy their reflections.



Year 8 Presentations, December 2016.

Ed Lopas got things started with his speech.

Well, where should I start?

So about 8 years ago I came to school. I wasn't the first Lopas kid to come to this school, no my four older sibings were already there so I felt not very scared by other people, because I had my Lopas gang right behind me. School was much different from Playcentre. You could do anything at playcentre, you know, just play!

But at school it was a bit different. So my joyride had officially ended.

Anyway my first year here, there were only two of the year eights that stand here today. Lizzie and me. Then next year came Lewis, Manu, Mia, Daisy, Alice and Eli to join the ride and over the next seven years we gathered up eleven more on the highway to happiness.

For the last couple of years I've got to go places with Little River School like the Lincoln Zone and Canterbury Zone sport, Mountain biking relay and camps. And a sports lover like me that is a dream come true. When I got to Kahikatea, I found myself as a Student Leader and got to play PE everyday, how blessed am I?

Sport wasn't the only thing though. In Mrs Cochrane's class we made all sorts of things like; pizza, kebas to 'what the heck is that?' In Ms Boyd's class, now known as Mrs Hope, we literally sang all the time. In Mrs Cameron and Mrs L's, (Mrs L was like a mother to me) we planted most of the plants you see today in the garden house.

Also I got to join the kapahaka group and enviroschools while I've been here and I have had the pleasure to be part of the Student Council as a student leader. I did join choir once, but then realised quickly it wasn't my thing, but that's another story.

Next year I'll be heading off to Lincoln High School and I'll miss Little River for it's great activities that I've told you about already. I'll also miss the great ways of teaching that the teacher taught us. When I started I could barely spell 'spell' and barely say, 'say', now I can say 'Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers, if Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers, how many packs of pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?'

I think I've learnt quite a bit.

Our year is quite special because we are the biggest populated year ever to attend Little River School. We are the first class to be a single year gorup and might be the last class taught by Mr Fitch.

So since we are so, so, so very special, most of you guys will be questioning, will you be able to handle next year, when we year eights are all off to high schools? The answer is, possibly, you'll have to try pretty hard. I reckon you'll be fine. For the teachers, god have mercy on them!

Anyway, thank you very much teachers and staff for the years, you guys have been the best teachers and staff that any school could have. At the end of the assembly don't thank us year eights, thank the teachers and staff for getting me and everyone else in our class to where we are today.

Once again, thank you and peace out!